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Schlitterbahn Wave of Pages Reading Incentive Program Update

***The Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading Incentive Program has ended.*** All forms for our campus were due by January 18th.  Students who read the 600 minutes required by Schlitterbahn received a spirit stick from the Library. 

Schlitterbahn will send our tickets to school after Spring Break.   As soon as the tickets arrive, we will hand them out to our super readers! 

Thanks to all of the parents who supported this fun and rewarding program!  

***89 students will receive a FREE ticket to Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels along with discount coupons for family members.***  

If you did not participate this year, we sure hope you will next school year.  Thanks!

Click on these links for the Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages program guidelines and for a copy of the reading log.  


Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages


Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading Log