2020-2021 Registration


    LVISD has transitioned to a new online registration process for all new and returning students for the 2020-2021 school year! Please review the links located on the sidebar to guide you through registration: Regisration requirement, STEP 0, STEP 1, and STEP 2.
    Parents, please make sure your student’s campus office has your current email address on file. The email address at the campus office MUST MATCH the email address of your parent portal account for each of your students. Your email address for the parent portal needs to be verified on your “My Accounts” page.  If the email does not match and has not been verified, you will be unable to access the functions to add your student, complete registration forms, update data, etc.  
    For additional support and or questions regarding registration please contact your campus PEIMS Coordinator:


    Please note: Any person enrolling a student will need to provide their current driver’s license or official photo ID with current address and must be the student’s natural parent, legal guardian, or another person with legal responsibility for the child along with documentation (such as a birth certificate, court order, or power of attorney).