LVISD School Board Policy & Administrative Regulations

  • BOARD POLICIES: The School Board Policy Manual contains two types of policies: legally referenced policies and local policies.

    • LEGAL POLICY – Legally referenced policies recite state or federal laws or regulations and other sources of legal authority. Legal policy is reviewed by the Board of Trustees.
    • LOCAL POLICY – Local policies reflect board positions and may be unique to the district. Local policy will usually expand on or qualify directives or options provided by law and should reflect the essential board governance statements: a broad authorization of programs and services; specific directives or standards; restrictions; delegation of responsibility; and/or expected outcomes. Local policy is adopted by the Board of Trustees.

    ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS: Specific procedures and details, unless law or other legal authority requires otherwise, should be reserved for administrative discretion and implementation. A process or plan implementing district policy is commonly defined as an administrative regulation or procedure. Local regulations guide implementation of policy, define standard operating procedure, and generally allow room for professional discretion and judgment, as appropriate. Administrative Regulations are not adopted by the Board of Trustees.

    Please use the following links to access the LVISD School Board Policy Manual and Administrative Regulations:

    LVISD Board Policy Manual

    LVISD Administrative Regulations