Gifted & Talented Services

  • La Vernia Primary
    At La Vernia Primary School, identified gifted students are served in the regular, general education classroom and clustered together in one or two classes.  When clustered in two classes, the students are grouped with teachers on the same POD (same planning and daily schedule).  Students are served daily during a thirty minute time in the morning and in the afternoon called WIN (What I need).  This serves as a time for students to receive enrichment during a reading and math block.  Students in the dual language program receive instruction during this time in English according to the guidelines in the dual language manual.

    La Vernia Intermediate
    La Vernia Intermediate School G/T identified students are served in the regular, heterogeneously grouped core curriculum class for most of the school day.  G/T students are grouped together for additional instructional periods as appropriate during a daily intervention/enrichment period.  Gifted and Talented services provide opportunities for the G/T students to work together as an entire group, to work with other students in a cooperative learning setting, and to work individually.  Both cognitive and affective needs of these students are accommodated through the program.

    La Vernia Junior High School
    G/T identified students are provided services through Pre-AP classes in their area(s) of giftedness. The current curriculum in the Pre-AP classes is by nature accelerated and enriched to include self-directed learning, critical thinking, problem solving, researched and communication skills. G/T students are clustered in Pre-AP classes with a G/T certified teacher who understands the nature and needs of this special population.  These teachers provide differentiation in the classroom, so students can reach their fullest academic potential.

    La Vernia High School
    G/T identified students at La Vernia High School are provided services through Pre-Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, Dual Enrollment/On Ramps, Independent Study, online classes for college credit, and other advanced courses that are appropriate for and consistent with the areas of giftedness served. 

    The curriculum for the advanced courses mentioned above is differentiated from that of the regular curriculum in order to best meet the needs of the identified gifted students.  It is accelerated in both pace of the instruction and depth of the specific content learned.   These learning alternatives are designed to promote both cognitive and affective growth.