Residency Requirements

  • La Vernia ISD does not accept transfers for students who reside outside of the district, per Board Policy FDA (LOCAL).

    Residency Requirements:

    If living in your own residence or renting in La Vernia ISD –

    • provide current parent/guardian driver’s license
    • provide current utility bill showing name, current physical address and date
    • provide rental agreement or lease (if renting or leasing)

    If living in another person’s residence –

    • provide current parent/guardian driver’s license
    • provide current driver’s license of person responsible for (Owner Of) residence
    • provide current utility bill showing name of owner, physical address and date
    • Parent/Guardian and Residence Owner must complete an Affidavit of Residency (will need to be notarized).

    If building in La Vernia ISD, please bring a copy of the signed contract showing the property address, buyer’s name, and estimated closing date (must be less than six months).  The contract must be signed by the builder/realtor and include their contact information.

    If child(ren) are not living with a parent, please provide court document or power of attorney signed and notarized by parent/guardian.

    Power of Attorney and residency affidavit documents must be renewed at the time of registration each school year.

    NOTE:  All residency affidavits are subject to verification and if falsification of information is determined, withdrawal is immediate in accordance with Board Policy FD (LEGAL).