La Vernia Independent School District

Please read the following message from Dr. Moreno - 3/26/17

Dear La Vernia Community,

The travesty of the events occurring at the La Vernia High School has crushed the spirit of our community. Our most valued beings, our children, are the reason that we live and serve in La Vernia. A point of pride for many of our students is that their parents or grandparents walked the grounds of La Vernia ISD, and through the years, many new families have moved to the community because they want their own children to experience a way of life where you are recognized as a person and not a number.

Although La Vernia ISD is growing, the character traits and values are not lost because they are a set standard established in our community. Our students address adults with Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am as a standard set forth by their parents, in addition to constantly demonstrating simple acts of kindness. I attended a community benefit yesterday where a community came out to lend a helping hand to a family in need. What I saw yesterday reaffirmed my belief that there is a great amount of love and care for one another and it exists within the fabric of our identity.
I ask that we tell our story before someone tells it for us. Share the wonderful attributes of our kids and the families that raise them. Let others know that we as a community will not be defined by the negative press outside of our community and various social media outlets. Be proud to let them know that just this past week our Bears and Lady Bears soccer teams defeated their opponents in the first round of playoffs. Let them know that the Bears and Lady Bears baseball and softball teams celebrated another great win last Friday night. Let them know that we had 17 Regional Qualifiers at the District UIL Academic Meet. Let them know that our Culinary Arts volunteered their time to prepare desserts and pastries to assist a family in need as they fight through a difficult time. Let them know that we were the only school district recognized at the San Antonio Mayor’s Cup Award Banquet yesterday for having two Junior High School teams that were recognized for having the Best All Girls Cyber Patriots Team in Texas and the Top Middle School Team in Texas that ranked 14th in the nation, while in a room with over 1000 people to hear. Our Cyber Patriots teams competed in a competition against 200 other teams. These are just a few of the incredible stories that define our identity.

Our staff, teachers, and administrators are like no other. They are Committed to knowing every student by name and need, have High Expectations, Respect those they serve, are Student-Centered, and through Teamwork achieve the goals they set out to achieve. They are a team which goes above and beyond and cares about the students they serve. Our staff, teachers, and administrators are the reason that so many families want to move to La Vernia and enroll their children in La Vernia ISD.

I ask that we unite and focus on recovering through this challenging time together. I encourage you to be thoughtful before posting negative comments on various social media outlets that may be hurtful to students, staff, and community members. Let’s instead use it as a tool to communicate our true identity and tell a story of our wonderful students and their accomplishments.

Our high school administration and athletic directors are implementing additional protocols to provide students a clear path of communication to report a concern, receive counseling, and know that their voices will be heard while maintaining their privacy. We will provide periodic updates on upcoming events and activities geared to help our students and community members. Let’s work together during this time of need and align our efforts for the children and students of our community.


José H. Moreno, Ed.D.
La Vernia Independent School District